Blithe Spirit

​Addressing Vatican diplomats, he said:​ (

​Peace, Francis said, is the indispensable condition for making progress on other fronts, such as economic development, care of immigrants, and the environment.​

​Second only to freedom. When was the last time a Pope pushed freedom as a sine qua non?​

Well, he did talk about it, saying this:

“Before all else be free persons!” said the Pope. “Freedom means knowing how to reflect on what we do, knowing how to evaluate . which are the behaviors that make us grow. It means always choosing the good…. Being free to always choose the good is challenging, but it will make you persons with a backbone, who know how to face life, [and live as] courageous and patient persons.”

But I mean political freedom, Popes and Catholic writers and preachers have talked a lot about personal freedom, as from the chains of…

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