St. Edmund Echoes went into reminder mode on Sunday Feb. 2, moving from last week’s announcement. The reminder is unsigned but apparently comes out of the parish’s Peace and Justice Committee, speaking of “our goal to reduce gun violence” etc. (Thank God not to end it, which would be utopian.)

Again the message: “We propose” posting of church doors with the state-approved no-guns alert, and “We seek prayerful consideration” of same, apparently by non-members of their committee, they having already done this in their monthly vigils for the past year.

The issue would be what comports best with “our beliefs,” the Bible, “Catholic traditions” [sic], and “our commitment to love” each other.

Happily there is nothing in it of sheeps-and-goats exclusion of law officers and the like from “the body of the Prince of peace.”

Neither is there anything to counter charges of imprudence in posting a sign that assures the killer that in this church he will find no armed opposition, and that remains a problem — in fact the most important one apart from those online raised by Joe from South Oak Park, quoting The Catholic Catechism, in which, said Pope John Paul II, “we can perceive the wonderful unity of the mystery of God.”

Look, if the devil can quote Scripture to his purpose, so can he cite the catechism; but I doubt the peace and justice committee thinks that is what has happened here. I sure don’t.