Honduran cardinal defends Pope F’s anti-capitalism, says the Spirit moved him.

Really? Pope F is “led by the spirit” to trash “trickle-down” economics? That’s a stretch. Interesting that this cardinal would talk as if sober judgment of an economic system is to be made that way. There’s a sort of holy naivete operating here.

U.S. businessmen complained, he complains, but what do they know about, say, supply-side economics, which is what it’s also called? This spiel is embarrassing, even as his hopes for responsible church governance is heartening. Shoemakers’ best bet is to stick to their lasts.

It’s an ad hoc papacy that’s a-brewing, or so this cardinal thinks. Next thing we know, some other cardinal will be asking Francis who’s gonna win the Super Bowl. Further squandering cardinalatial authority, such as it is.