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How Chicago Catholics are asked to commemorate Martin Luther King on his day:

As people of faith we are called to shape the world according to the Good News. The gospel vision for the world is one of justice and peace for all of Gods creation.

In this life? Really?

But, that vision will not happen unless we, the faithful, organize to make it happen. That is why OCJ is taking action on our faith values. On January 19th at St. Michael the Archangel Church in South Chicago we are joining IIRON in taking action for racial, economic and environmental justice.

Organize. Make it happen. Taking action. IIRON? (See here.)

Issues on the agenda will include:
Option for the Poor and Vulnerable by ensuring large corporations contribute their fair share in taxes to the city of Chicago and State of Illinois so we can stop cutting services and fund vital social programs!

Making others do things.

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers by ensuring public money funds good, living wage jobs!

Public works. Living wage. These be socialists.

Care for Gods Creation by ensuring Illinois sensibly regulates hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and keeps our state safe!

And inhibit job “creation.” See previous on jobs. See also previous on rights of workers; right to work comes to mind. Voluntary unionism.

The Dignity of the Human Person by ending mass incarceration and phasing out mandatory minimums for non-violent crimes!

For a split second, it looked like a pro-life statement. Mandatory minimum sentencing is surely debatable. Seems to be category of getting hammer for the fly on baby’s nose.

In any case, some judges may be on hand to address the subject:

There will be elected representatives from the City of Chicago, Cook County, State of Illinois, and Congress present to make commitments on these important issues.

Make commitments = make election-year promises. Don’t be fooled, people!

And God bless Martin Luther King, who if he was not a model of spousal loyalty was willing to put himself in harm’s way for the good of many.