That’s one where (a) the priest faces same direction as I, presumably God-ward, (b) he turns the mike off, and (c) the emphasis is primarily on God, secondarily (if at all) on each other.

None of it is impossible in Vatican 2 terms, which allowed, did not mandate (a) facing the people and (b) and (c) mandated or mentioned as taken for granted reverential tones and concept of mass-as-sacrifice (also, secondarily, as meal).

Later: The “if at all” as to emphasis on each other is not to be taken as cold-hearted, not even as cold as Christian charity, as I heard said in the Jesuits long ago. No indeed. Part of what one picks up at mass is love of neighbor. One could hardly miss it.

So from presumed God-direction to neighbor-direction is natural progression. Handclasp at mass has its place, but not at the cost of distraction from prayerfulness. I’m as sociable as they come on the sidewalk. (Usually) In the pew? Another matter entirely.