Blithe Spirit

Paddy bar the door.

For 224 years it protected the rights of the minority party.

But yesterday, Senate Democrats killed it.

They didn’t reform the filibuster. They vaporized it.

The message is clear: Obama and Senate Democrats will soon open the floodgates and jam the federal courts and executive agencies with as many radical anti-life and anti-family [and
freedom-busting, federal bank-breaking] appointments as possible. [added]

Left-wing radicals are growing impatient and many are now worried. With Obama’s approval ratings plummeting to record lows of 40%, their agenda is in jeopardy.

So it is not surprising they pushed for this extraordinary step of changing the Senate rules. And I suspect they aren’t done yet.

On to 2014 and “the battle for the Senate.”

(I love this statement, obviously; but Brian at Catholic Vote, “2014 has all the markings of a title wave“? Please.)

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