Blithe Spirit

Reading Vatican 2 on the church and the world, “Gaudium et Spes” (Joy and hope), before hearing Rev. Robert Barron on that document at St. Procopius Monastery, Lisle, I am reminded of Jack Handy, who wrote “Deep Thoughts” (1992), “Fuzzy Memories” (1996), and other memorable spoofs.

I mean, consider this from G&S:

“Our era needs wisdom more than bygone ages if the discoveries made by man are to be further humanised” (15).

“The future of humanity lies in the hands of those who are strong enough to provide coming generations with reasons for living and hoping” (31).

“The enormous progress of science and technology must be harmonised with a culture nourished by classical studies according to various traditions” (56).

“It remains each man’s duty to retain an understanding of the whole human person … a profound inquiry into the meaning of culture and science for the human person”…

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