Blithe Spirit

One of a series about how the RC mass is reconstituted by free-lancing priest-celebrants.


May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands
for the praise and glory of his name,
for our good
and the good of all his holy Church. . . .

. . . is commonly changed to “our hands” and “glory of God’s name,” which never in my hearing has been explained to the congregation, simply done, over and over until the people do it that way too. Sheeple?

The second is easily explained. It’s to reduce the number of MASCULINE pronouns, apparently to lessen the masculinity of the worship experience. The first is much more pernicious, in that it changes the meaning, which is to refer to the holy sacrifice which is revisited, re-enacted in a mass — Jesus’ on the cross of course. Why the heck downplay that? Pfuey!

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