Blithe Spirit

From recent prayer meeting, what did speaker mean by things she has been told, as following:

* “Be the song, embody the song.” She commented, It was “pretty profound for me.”

* We want to find “not a path to God but in God.”

As to the second, the path to God would be something most people can understand. “In God” needs much more explaining than she offered and was not self-explanatory or inspiring, as she implied.

Same for being a song. Called for lots of explanation not given nor supplied by hearing that it was “pretty” profound for her, apart from modifying “profound” with the diminutive “pretty,” which was pretty confusing for me.

Woman has degrees from locally approved pastoral-helper training program attended by many Chicago-area pastoral helpers. Gives us Catholicism Lite, but worse, Catholicism confusing. Sorry.

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