Catharsis it was, yes, when the Bulls’ Nazr Mohammed pushed goofball,cocky, full of himself Heat man LeBron James last night, sending him to the floor. Or so it looked. Bulls coach Thibodeaux called it flopping. So did veteran writer Sam Smith.

Nice flop from James. Hasn’t been down on push since the college guys did when he was in kindergarten.

How it looked is what I refer to. The still-a-punk but crafty as always MVP James was pulling his usual stuff for which he is often not called. Veteran straight-up no-nonsense Mohammed put him down with a shove, or so it looked to me and the crowd at the time.

Nazr was gone from the game, leaving to standing O. from hometown crowd. But important point had been made with the hotshot, and the game went on, the Bulls eventually losing steam and accuracy but making a game of it