New spokeswoman for U.S. bishops put in a few months with Sarah Palin, ’09 to ’10 as an advisor. Hackles rose on the Left. She was defended by Austen Ivereigh, who has worked with her on her Catholic Voices site:

“Knowing of her involvement with Sarah Palin’s campaign,” said Ivereigh, “I expected to find someone with Republican views. But what I met was a Catholic first, whose faith gives her a much higher horizon than U.S. party politics offers. She’s deeply pro-life and passionate about religious liberty, but she’ll go out to bat for migrants and underpaid workers and against the death penalty — in other words, she embodies the Church’s social teaching in all its breadth and depth.”

via A Fresh Catholic Voice at the U.S. Bishops’ Conference | Daily News |

Very good. How is she on fiscal responsibility and pro-growth government policies, without which the whole shootin’ match goes down the drain, even for well-intentioned people?