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Father socked it to us dryly this a.m., 8 of the clock, inspiring/shaming us into being better Catholics with a citation from, God save the mark, Nietzsche! How many other RC pulpits rang this morning with that name? Not many.

Nietzsche said he couldn’t be a Christian because Christians weren’t. Ah. They fell off the mark. Therefore, decided the eminent philosopher, he would not be one.

Lesson: Be a Christian, fellow! Or get out of this church!

On the other hand, from Catholic Answers via Big Pulpit, we have this from The Imperfections of the Saints:

If I was to compile a list to be titled Common Catholic Misconceptions of the Catholic Faith, near the top of the list would have to be this Catholic misconception about the nature of sanctity:

The saints are to be considered perfect in their earthly lives, to such an extent that all that they did while in this life is considered right, just, and necessary for Catholics to mimic in their own lives.

A little more of this realism and a little less of all-or-nothing stuff from the likes of Nietzsche, and we’d all be in better shape.