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Heard a two-finally sermon on Easter Sunday. That’s one where the preacher says “finally” twice, a number of paragraphs apart, raising hopes with the first one, dashing them with the second. Here’s a rule: Never say “finally” twice in the same sermon.

I did not time this sermon, so have nothing to report in that respect, though I am sure it broke another rule: Keep It Short, Father. I did not time it because of my Lenten resolution not to time sermons any more.

I broke it, however, on Holy Thursday out of terrible habit, in the case of a visiting Jesuit — with bracing results. He went a mere 11, at the most 12 minutes. I might have sung Alleluia two days early if I did that sort of thing.

Good man this Thursday preacher! Not only for his brevity but also for his single, clear message: pay attention more to God than yourself. It’s an idea I like for myself, being uneasy with close examination of how I am doing.

For others, or some others anyhow, I am not so sure. Do I want them to pay less attention to their faults and failings, with resulting less reformation of their wretched lives and annoying habits? I’d like some time to think about that.