Blithe Spirit

Discommoded by unbelievers, in yr face or otherwise?  Try this on for size, where natural selection comes a-cropper (stumbles) and chokes on its own petard (!!):

what theism denies is natural selection, not evolution; for God might have selected evolution as the means for revealing his intelligence.

But naturalism has no means of accounting for the truth of its own claims. If natural selection is (as Dawkins puts it) “the explanation for the existence and apparently purposeful form of all life,” and if human theories (including the theory of natural selection) are a result of this blind and purposeless chance, then how can anyone know whether any theory (including the theory of natural selection) is true?

The assertion of its truth is circular and question-begging. The theory might only be the random result of blind chance. Without reference to an intelligence independent of natural selection there is no possible defense…

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