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Having little regard for Richard Roeper’s taste or even his feel for the gestalt of things, I find his comments about the TV show “Homeland”  helpful. They mean I will have eventually to look at this show when it comes to the library.

Especially what he says about Clare Danes the female star:

Claire Danes has always been an acquired taste. Rarely has an actress so often resorted to going wide-eyed and then even wider-eyed to convey her emotions. Sometimes its heartbreakingly effective; just as often, its as distracting as Kristen Stewart biting her lip every 30 seconds or Jennifer Aniston constantly playing with her hair.

Thin stuff, I grant you. Pats her on head, then gives back of hand, more or less. But this is Richard, not quite sure but that’s enough. For me, anyhow.

Ms. Danes, the lady in question:

Claire Danes at MuchMusic, for the program Muc...at MuchMusic, for the program MuchOnDemand, to promote the film Stardust. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)