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Seeking respite from the incessant palaver at our parish church during mass — from the altar and assorted podiums, I mean — I repaired to Northlake’s St. John Vianney this a.m. for the 10 o’clock Latin mass. 

Not only did I find a respite from palaver — do this, do that, sing when the lady raises her right hand as if hailing a taxi, watch your step in the communion-time scrum, say howdy (“amen”) to the lady holding the host before your eyes, etc. etc. — but I also in the sermon got a terrific rundown on what’s bad about the HHS mandate.

Want some churchgoing that does not discourage prayer and reflection?  Go west (from Oak Park), young man and woman and old ones too, to Wolf Road a half block north of North Avenue.  On Sunday morning it’s a breeze to get there in the flivver.  You’ll be glad you did.