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Stella Foster is handed her lunch in re: her June 21 column asking Obama to come to Chicago and make a plea to end violence:

Two things on display: Naive belief in omnipotent presidents. And – Incredibly childish writing (This is a columnist!)

I thought she was a grade schooler with a writing assignment; wow, this passes as writing in Chi town??? [Yes]

I am flabbergasted to google the writer and find that she is actually a columnist, writing for the paper since 2003! I honestly thought that it was an earnest, amateurish letter to the editor by a frustrated citizen. Unbelievable what the Chicago school system is producing.

“…when the hot sun comes out to play.”
Nice touch there, Stella. I wish you good luck as you enter the 4th grade. (You are in grade school, aren’t you)?

I had read the column and thought, well at least she’s admitting the black-on-black problem, so much am I inured to what I read in Chicago newspapers — can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.  The above reactions were a splash of wake-up water in the face.

Earlier today, talking to myself in front of a Marion Street coffeehouse, I wrote: 

Black on black crime goes unpunished and unameliorated because of undue emphasis on offender rights and assorted other issues dear to so-called liberals whose solutions to social and economic ills make things worse.

Can’t supply a link for that.  It would have to connect with my brain, which is hard to do, as I know well, having failed to do so often.