Blithe Spirit

You have this Christian quirk about gay marriage. Hey, you were practically born with it.You become a latter-day Bartleby the Scrivener(apologies to Herman Melville, wherever he is, and if there’s a heavenly niche for great writers, that’s probably his location).That is, you’d prefer not to be the photographer at a gay wedding.You do not intend to interfere with the gay ceremony.

You will not call out from the congregation your objection when the minister or judge asks, if he or she does, whether anyone has an objection to the procedure.

You will not (let’s say, anyhow) write a letter to your local editor or, God forbid, blog the matter.

You just, like Bartleby, prefer not, for your quirky Christian reasons, to be the photographer.

What’s more, you reside and work in New Mexico. 


Buster, you are out of luck.


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