Latin Mass Mag also goes small-c catholic:

If you haven’t read P.G. Wodehouse, you have no business saying you have lived and you really should remove such claims from your business card.

That’s Susie Lloyd’s opener for her “The Pointless Peerless P.G. Wodehouse” — “Notes from the Real World” feature for the Spring 2010 issue.  Available online soon, they say, for $1 here.

It’s followed by an essay on how “Religion” adapted to the world of today, subtracting “sacrifice” from mass and life, by a Spanish priest, founder of a congregation with priests in Spain, U.S., Ecuador, and Chile, Rev. Alfonso Galvez, who has not only an appreciation of what’s been happening in RC-ism for 50 or so years but (wonder of worders) a literary feel for how to tell it.

More to come about Latin Mass.