Something literary: William Butler Yeats got a Nobel prize in 1924, and the British literary establishment objected.  Ezra Pound said do it again, that is, elect another Irishman, namely the exile James Joyce, whose Ulysses had been stopped in both U.S. — 500 copies “seized and burnt in Washington” — and Britain — “another 500 seized and destroyed in Southampton — in the former without a word of complaint from any writer “of standing.” 

Neither a Brit nor an American should get the prize therefore, said Pound, without whose early generous help Joyce may never have come to the world’s attention.

Something else literary: Henry James had to be cajoled into writing a commendation of fellow novelist Wm Dean Howells when H. was being honored in the U.S.  What he wrote was not used, being insufficiently laudatory. 

Both items from: Pound/Joyce: The Letters of Ezra Pound to James Joyce, With Pound’s Critical Essays and Articles About Joyce (New Directions) 

Oak Park political: Socialist Bill Barclay at a Fall of ’09 meeting the library: In his speech the night before, Obama “gave us permission to hate insurance companies.”  Health insurance, he specified when I asked him later to verify it.  It was a regular meeting of Oak Park truth-and-jusice commission, socialists and other radical leftists.