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Wild dream: Chicago is proud of her pregnant colored people, says GW Bush in dream by blogger in which W is doing a Jimmy Carter-type baby-sitter stint, putting eight infants to bed one after the other, with four more to go, talking about it on TV.

German missile makers: “Camaraderie reinforced by secrecy created a culture of indifference to morally reprehensible objectives” among civilian scientists working on rockets for the German govt in late 30s, early 40s, concludes Michael B. Petersen in his Missiles for the Fatherland (Cambridge, 2009), per unsigned short review in TLS, 9/25/09. 

Like Jesuits and other priests in the matter of sexual abuse?  One for all for one taken to extremes?

Beware newspapers: Junior cipher staffers in British HQ in WW2 were advised not to read newspapers, “lest press speculations muddle them when they worked on real facts.” 

Thus reviewer of Richard Holmes’s Churchill’s Bunker (Profile, 2009).    (TLS 9/25/09)

Good advice for anyone not well versed in biases and predilections of mass mediums?

A pill in time: Also in WW2, Churchill and foreign secy. Anthony Eden had cyanide pills to be taken in case of capture.  Per Antony Beevor in D-Day (Viking, 2009).