Yesterday an editorial about Opus Dei hosting lib RC (“heterodox”) Cokie Roberts at its DC bookstore led to cancellation of said talk-diva.  But old-world defensiveness delayed things:

The Washington Times called the Catholic Information Center on deadline Tuesday seeking comment and asking if the Cokie Roberts event had been cancelled, but we were repeatedly sent to voicemail. Putting someone on the line could have clarified the situation.

That is, Wash Times publicized the much-protested near boo-boo but would not have done so if it only knew.

This long-ago religion reporter had a similar no-talk response from Chi Opus D people in the 70s, when they were much newer kids on the block, followed by letter of correction after the story had run, about what I do not recall.

Look.  Talk and ye shall be saved at least a little embarrassment.  You might be anyhow.  You could make things worse, of course.  This guy in Pittsburgh threatened to sock me over the phone.  Speaking for the diocese.

Had he succeeded, it would have been a story that wrote itself: easy to write but hard to research.