Thought I was being holier than the pope when I began a week or so ago to take communion on the tongue.  Did it as a reminder of the sacredness of the activity, hearing once too often about the mass as meal-with-friends, rather than the holy sacrifice throughout the world.  Would be an aid to devotion, I decided, and if it hasn’t marked an increase in same, at least it’s a better reflection of what the heck I think I am doing.

Well, it turns out the pope does it that way too.  That is, at his masses the standard is to kneel and receive on the tongue.  Natl Catholic Reporter has it, in a very interesting piece about the Vatican’s CEO for liturgy, Msgr. Guido Marini, who wants “reform of the reform” in matters liturgical.

“For some years now, several voices have been heard within church circles talking about the necessity of a new liturgical renewal,” Marini said.

A fresh renewal movement would be “capable of operating a reform of the reform, or rather, move one more step ahead in understanding the authentic spirit of the liturgy and its celebration,” he said.

The goal

“would be to carry on that providential reform of the liturgy that the conciliar fathers had launched” but which has “not always, in its practical implementation, found a timely and happy fulfillment.”

Continuity’s the thing.

“The liturgy cannot and must not be an opportunity for conflict between those who find good only in that which came before us, and those who, on the contrary, almost always find wrong in what came before,” he said.

A renewed emphasis on “adoration” is in order.  This is the aim of all things liturgical, “including the music, the singing, the periods of silence, the way of proclaiming the Scriptures as well as the liturgical vestments and the sacred vessels.”

He said it was this same desire to renew a sense of adoration that prompted Pope Benedict to make it the norm in papal liturgies for the pope to distribute Communion on the tongue to people kneeling.

My thoughts entirely.