Have been groping lately for breakfast-table reading.  Nothing autocratic, you know, a la the senior Oliver Wendell Holmes (the good one).  Something to feed the mind without requiring Great Books-style concentration.

Groping, I say, because of the increasingly slim and flimsy offerings in my two daily newspapers, Chi Trib and Sun-Times, both as to interest-level (don’t care about this, don’t care about that, over and over, I say to myself), lack of imagination (dying for a good lede, even a good head), and even-handed, let-chips-fall coverage.

Four days of the week I go to Kass at Trib or check out Dennis Byrne or Krauthammer and look for some crisply traditional raking of city, county, and state muck in either paper — especially Sun-Times, as by Tim Novak et al. and Fran Spielman, who gets more out of a Daley presser than any man or other woman I know about.

It’s getting worse.  Size of paper I can live with, but boring biases and crippled imaginativeness I cannot.  So I look around and today found something worth spilling coffee on.  It’s, lo and behold, Our Sunday Visitor, which by definition is not a daily paper but is definitely a newspaper not a magazine and which I am receiving on a trial complimentary basis.

More later, I trust, with special attention to Russell Shaw’s columnizing.  Its web site takes some study, but you can start here.